Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Month of the Military Child Kickoff

We headed to Cadence's school to attend a kick-off for the Month of the Military Child. It was awesome They had some great speakers, the school age kiddos sang the National Anthem, the preschoolers sang You're a Grand Old Flag, we paraded around the street, and we finished up with cupcakes in Cadence's classroom.

This is a great post shared by a friend. http://blogheavenstobetsy.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/lessons-for-my-military-children
My favorite quote talks about families: "Our family tree is more like a family vine... we have become so entangled with other branches that we can no longer tell where our family ends and theirs begins."

Lucy's Birthday!

We are so thankful for the Alexander family. They have been our wonderful friends in Georgia and Colorado. It's going to be really tough to head to Texas without them!

Lucy turned eight on April 1. We joined her family at Build-a-Bear in Loveland to celebrate our sweet friend.

This is one of the best pictures of all of our kiddos that I have taken! I LOVE these kiddos!!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Disney on Ice

Originally when we knew that Eric would be out of town for the girls' spring breaks, we planned to visit Texas. However, once I remembered that we would soon be living in Texas, I decided to stay here and enjoy our friends and our current home.

We have attended Disney on Ice a few times, but the kids were excited about going again. My friend was doing a fundraiser for her daughters' school and was selling affordable tickets for awesome seats. The kids had a great time!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Denver Zoo

We had a super busy, fun-filled Spring Break! We spent one BEAUTIFUL day with friends at the Denver Zoo. It was sooooo busy!! Thankfully we arrived early and got a good parking spot, but some of our friends parked two miles away!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Catching Up!!

I haven't blogged in a while. March was a tough month for us.

First, Cadence and I came down with a yucky stomach bug. Cadence's lasted a day, but I was sick for FIVE days!! It was the worst feeling ever, and it was definitely horrible timing: a week before Eric left for WOCS. Typically I try to freeze some meals to prepare before Eric leaves; this time we prepared by going to Wal-Mart and stocking up on processed junk food!

I am so glad to be recovered from my first stomach bug since 1998!

Eric's WOCS gear. It was like the Army threw up all over our chair and couch!

Ash & Eric the day before he left for WOCS!
Eric has been gone since March 17. We really miss him but have been trying to stay busy!

We were able to text a little bit during his first week, so I sent this picture to him as a reminder!

We have been spending a lot of time outside.

Cadence and Grayson have been having fun at art class.

Gray reached the milestone of pooping on the potty (only once, but it was still exciting!)!

Elliette created some beautiful chalk art.

We have painted nails and toes.

Cadence and Grayson have fought over watching Daddy read (A Story Before Bed App) on the iPad.

Elliette has lost TWO teeth since Daddy left!

Grayson has spent some time in the corner.

One of the things the girls love about Daddy being gone is that they get to (occasionally) sleep in my bed. It is a very special treat for them.

April is the Month of the Military Child. We are celebrating in different ways at Cadence's preschool throughout the month. I didn't grow up in this life at all. In fact, we only moved once, across the street, during my childhood. Going way to college was a huge shock for me. Even though Eric has been active duty since 2007, this lifestyle is still foreign to me. I admit that the moving around is definitely the hardest part for me, even harder than dealing with the separation from Eric! I lived in two houses growing up. Elliette has lived in FIVE. Military kids are called Dandelions:

Our Dandelions. As the "experts" say, they are "well-rounded, culturally aware, tolerant (I guess as much as an almost 2, 4, and 6 year old can be!), and extremely resilient. However, right now they are also three sweet kiddos who are really missing their Daddy.